Courses for Groups


Japanese for Beginners, February 2020

Language Courses in Petersfield

Kate Maria Languages is based in Lavant Street, Petersfield.  All our courses are available online, so you can enjoy learning a language from home.


You can pick up a new skill and meet other local language learners in a fun and friendly environment, with plenty of opportunities to converse and develop fluency.

Our Teaching Style


Our dynamic, responsive approach to tutoring takes into account the needs of each learner, and we apply this to group courses by keeping classes small (limited to 5 participants).

This means your tutor is able to take a personal approach and can get to know you and your learning style.

Your Learning Experience

We focus on building fluency and confidence in speaking, and we use real-world language materials for activities in lessons (no textbooks!).


Our recent Portuguese course used postcards and guidebooks from Lisbon to take guests on a tour of the city, whilst Spanish lessons often feature travel magazines and newspaper articles about places to visit!

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