Private Tuition

Tailored plans for language learning

Kate Maria


Tutor for Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian

What is the best way to learn a language?

The best method for learning a language depends on the individual, and this is why a course of one-to-one lessons can be such an effective way to boost your language skills.

Every learner has a particular set of strengths and abilities that we can use to help you achieve your potential.


Working with a professional tutor will help you to find the learning style that works for you.

What are the benefits of tailored language tuition?

One-to-one lessons with a tutor are a great way to work towards your language learning goals.

  • Personalised: Your course is designed around your specific needs and will cover the topics and skills that are most important and relevant to you.

  • Flexible: Make the most of your time and get the best results by focusing your learning on the areas that matter most.

  • Effective: With a bespoke learning plan that fits your personal schedule, you get to decide where and when to learn.

Learn Online


   Treat yourself to a bespoke language course:  a tailored plan designed just for you.


Lessons are suitable for beginners, GCSE and A-level, degree-level and adult learners.


Your personal programme includes one-to-one tutorials, delivered online via Zoom.


Your course is tailored to your interests and objectives, and filled with real-world language and culture.


Learn for careers, travel or leisure, or to pursue a special interest.

With activities and tutorials designed to suit your learning style, you'll be able to progress quickly and achieve your goals.

Language Specialists


Sefora Portela

Portuguese (Brazil)


Sefora is a highly-qualified linguist and education specialist.  Having completed degrees in Education and History at the University of Brasília, Sefora has served as an education consultant at the highest levels. She has also been a member of GCSE and A-level examination boards for the assessment of Portuguese as a Foreign Language in the UK.


Irene Stoppoloni



Irene has a degree in Modern Language and EU Studies from the University of Edinburgh.  A polyglot and truly global citizen, Irene believes that "language is not just words, but culture, food and history"! An expert at crafting truly immersive learning experiences, Irene loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire language learners worldwide.

Elodie Prax



Bilingual in French and German, Elodie studied Tourism and Events Management.  She offers relaxed, fun and dynamic language tutoring, where her friendly conversational style is complemented by highly effective language and grammar work.  A keen musician and travel fan, Elodie teaches private students and offers group workshops too.

Plans & Pricing

Find the right tuition plan for your language learning goals.

Request a copy of the latest Course List for full details of available plans.


1. No hidden fees or charges: Just choose the tuition pack that suits you.

2. No commission, agency fees or registration costs.

3. Fair pricing structure at all levels: Prices are not increased for A-level / degree work.

4. Groups welcome: Send a message for your discounted group rate.

Image by Christopher Czermak