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A terrific start with Kate, one year ago I took the Spanish GCSE with my, then 15 year old, son. We both achieved grade nines through Kate. My son then took his main GCSE's this year and has gone to college with an assortment of 9s, 8s, and 7's .... eleven GCSEs in total. Myself? I am a "born again sapiophile", presently learning German with Kate with the intention of "collecting languages" till I die. Some people collect stamps... I want to collect Language GCSEs. My target is to be able to have a basic understanding of 10 languages before I leave this mortal coil. I am working on number four at the moment and as I only recently had my 60th birthday I realise this target may not be possible... but if you don't try you'll never achieve!

I also have great interest in space technology. I work in the space industry. I love music... enjoying playing several instruments excelling in playing them badly!

r. simon ashford

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