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"The limits of my language

mean the limits of my world"

Kate Maria Languages



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Kate Maria


I'm Kate, a linguist from Petersfield, Hampshire, UK.

I studied Medieval and Modern Languages at St John's College, Oxford, and started my teaching career as Lecturer of English for the Government of Andorra in 2008.  Since then, I have tutored private clients around Europe, as well as lecturing in schools and colleges.

Having lived in southern Spain for 10 years, in 2019 I returned to Petersfield to set up a dedicated language centre.  Through a diverse and fun programme of courses and activities, my aim is to promote the study of language and encourage anyone who wants to learn something new, at any level!

Classes are dynamic and responsive, using real-world language sources to build fluency.

Private courses are now available online, so you can enjoy your language tuition from home.

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Learn with us

Achieve your language learning goals with a private course designed just for you.

We teach Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French and English via Zoom, with lessons tailored to your learning style and objectives.


Lessons are suitable for beginners, GCSE and A-level, degree-level and adult learners.  We can enter you for qualifications, too.

Whether you're learning a language for travel, leisure, careers or to pursue a special interest, a group course will help you to progress quickly.

Our courses are designed for small groups of up to 5 participants to ensure a fun and productive learning environment for everyone.

Courses take place regularly for Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.  All ages and levels are welcome.

What we do

Join a friendly group course

For those who prefer to learn with others, we offer fun, interactive and highly effective group language courses that will help you reach your goals. Choose a beginner, intermediate or advanced group and enjoy learning in a small team with a maximum of 5 students per class.

Immersive events and activities

If you are learning a language for real-world conversation, we encourage you to immerse yourself in your target language at every opportunity. With this in mind, we design complimentary special events to support your learning, such as this live Flamenco concert and lecture from Madrid.

Vocabulary Cards

We offer tailored language courses to make sure you reach your goals. Your personalised Course Pack includes a set of vocabulary cards, which can be posted out to you. You can also choose to receive your vocabulary pack in the Quizlet app, which offers interactive games, quizzes and activities to test and improve your knowledge.

Verbs are amazing

A good understanding of verbs is absolutely essential for your communication skills. Our tutors can share tips and ideas on the most effective ways to learn them. We can also give you activities and practice tasks tailored for your specific objectives and designed to suit your own personal learning style.

Dogs can learn too

Although we are all learning via Zoom at the moment, our classrooms are dog-friendly so you're welcome to bring your pooch along to in-person lessons when they restart! Here's Dexter catching up with the Spanish news.


Elodie is trilingual (French, German, English) and teaches conversational French for those looking to improve their speaking skills! You can work on your pronunciation, read a book or discuss a topic of interest while getting helpful feedback and tips.


Our Italian-language newsletter focuses on positive news stories from around the world. Whichever language you're learning, we can help you find high-quality content and authentic resources.

Cook & Learn

Learning something new in your target language is a great way to boost confidence and practice your communication skills in real-world contexts. Why not challenge yourself to join a cooking class with a chef who speaks your target language, take a guided tour of a favourite art gallery, or take part in a fitness class with a native-speaking personal trainer? We can organise these experiences for you to make your language learning journey real, meaningful and personally rewarding.

Student Reviews

It is never too late to learn a language and Kate is the most perfect choice of teacher. We couldn’t have picked a more knowledgeable, patient and modest person to guide us through learning Spanish. 

Being in our 30’s, we had our concerns that learning a language would be an extremely difficult process. But, just as we remember from our school days it is the specific teacher's skill, patience and understanding of their student's needs and learning abilities that makes the process so much fun that you gain fantastically rewarding results.

Sadie & Rob, Petersfield (July 2019)