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Your online learning provider for Modern Languages

The A Level is the most prestigious academic qualification for school leavers in the UK.

We offer complete German courses for A Level, so you can study for the qualification with us online whilst at school or college, or as an adult learner.

Our courses offer all of the support and resources that a school classroom provides, plus regular tutor contact and immersive learning experiences to give you the confidence to speak and write German fluently.

For native speakers, the Fast Track option provides the opportunity to progress quickly and achieve the complete A Level qualification with tutor support.

You can take the German A Level exams at your school or college, or enter for exams with us at one of our 11 partner centres around the UK.

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Native Speakers

If your German is already at a native or near-native level, you can progress directly to the  full A Level course.


A fast track option is also available for those with a strong background in German to complete the A Level in one year or less.

A Level Students

Study German online alongside your other A Levels on a completely flexible basis, with live lessons that you can also watch on demand.


Exams can be taken at your own school or college, or independently at a KML partner centre.

Adult Learners

Those looking for a challenging, comprehensive German course can follow the online A Level programme to push their language skills to the next level.


Join live lessons or watch classes on demand, with regular tutor check-ins and support.

Your Online A Level in German

The number of students opting for A Levels in Modern Languages is declining sharply year-on-year.

In 2022, the take-up for German at A Level was down by 19% compared with the previous year.

With fewer schools and colleges now offering German, our mission is to give students the option to take this fascinating language at A Level with a like-minded community of peers who share a true passion for German studies.


Taking a modern language enables a student to follow their own academic interests and showcase a range of transferable study skills. It also sets a student apart from their peers and opens up a world of career possibilities.


Why take German A Level online?

The online classes bring together some of the UK's most motivated and highest-achieving students of German, many of whom have taken the GCSE early or are aiming to study German at university level.

The classroom environment prioritises tutor support and interaction, with opportunities for students to work independently as well as in small groups.  A mix of native and non-native speakers makes for a challenging and effective learning environment where all aspects of the German language are covered in depth.

An online A Level in German also offers you access to a fast-track learning programme, including live lectures and exam practice to ensure you reach your potential.

Students usually take the A Level qualification at the end of year 12 (age 18).  A Levels, or their equivalent, are a requirement for entry to British universities. They are graded from A* (highest) though to E (lowest). Generally, only around 19% of students achieve the top grade, although since our online course launched in 2020, all of our students have achieved A or A* and several have gained places at Oxford.

Through our online academy, you can access the very best learning experience and learn at your own pace with no limitations.

Upcoming Events

  • German A Level Summer Course: A Level Preparation (4 Weeks - Flexible Schedule)
    German A Level Summer Course: A Level Preparation (4 Weeks - Flexible Schedule)
    Mon, 01 Jul
    01 Jul 2024, 09:00 BST – 02 Sept 2024, 10:00 BST
    01 Jul 2024, 09:00 BST – 02 Sept 2024, 10:00 BST
    Prepare for success in your German A Level studies with our online Summer programme. Designed specifically for pre-A Level students, this online A Level Preparation course focuses on strengthening grammar and translation skills, ensuring a solid foundation for those progressing from GCSE.
  • German A Level - Complete Online Course (1 Year)
    German A Level - Complete Online Course (1 Year)
    Mon, 02 Sept
    02 Sept 2024, 09:00 BST – 30 Jun 2025, 09:00 BST
    02 Sept 2024, 09:00 BST – 30 Jun 2025, 09:00 BST
    Complete A Level course for German, based on a Flexible Timetable system with live lessons and on-demand learning content. Enrol for 1 year to take the Fast Track option, or choose the standard 2-year route (in which case the annual course fee is invoiced again for Year 2).
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which syllabus/examination boards do you teach?


You can opt to take your German A Level with any of the major examination boards.  Our course is based on the AQA syllabus.


AQA offer a challenging and rewarding A Level curriculum in German.  The syllabus encourages students to explore cultural, linguistic and literary aspects of the German-speaking world and to follow their own interests, developing strong study skills through the Individual Research Project.


The German A Level papers cover all four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.


  • Where can I take my German A Level exams?


There are more than 20 centres around the UK where you can sit your exams.  You can also opt to take your exams at your own school or college if they are able to facilitate this.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and find the best centre for you.

  • What are the course start dates?


You can start your A Level course in January, April or September but enrolment is possible at any time.  Once you enrol, your course materials will be sent out to you and you can begin studying at home.  Examination entries are made by February for the summer exam series in the same year.

  • When do German A Level exams take place?


Exam dates vary each year, but generally the German A Level speaking tests are conducted in April or May and the two written papers are taken in early to mid-June.  You will need to enter by February to take your exams in the same year.  Occasionally, late entries are possible; please contact us to enquire about availability.

  • What are the benefits of choosing an A Level in German?

With the number of students opting for Modern Languages at A Level declining every year, German is now a relatively unusual choice, with fewer schools and colleges now offering this option.

An A Level or a degree in German opens up a world of academic and career opportunities.  Opting for a less commonly-taught language can be a great decision for students with a special interest in the German-speaking world, or for aspiring linguists looking to diversify the language combinations they offer.  

  • What is the A Level in Modern Languages?

The A Level is the most prestigious academic qualification for school leavers in the UK.  Students usually take this qualification at the end of year 12 (age 18).  A Levels in Modern Languages enable students to follow their own academic interests and showcase a range of transferable study skills.


A Levels, or their equivalent, are a requirement for entry to British universities.

  • What are the entry requirements to enrol?

As well as students in the UK, we work with international students and independent learners, so it is not a problem if you do not already have British qualifications.

We welcome students who have already learned German to GCSE level or higher (A2 - B1 - B2+, CEFR).  If necessary, we can arrange an initial assessment and placement test to establish your current level.

  • How can I register my interest?

A limited number of places is available each year to join the German A Level groups.  Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

Kate Maria

LIVE LESSONS: Get access to group lectures and seminars, with topic-based discussions, guest speakers and tips for exam success. ​ Our A Level lecture programme is fully interactive and students have the opportunity to join live lessons every week or follow lessons on demand. With a focus on immersive learning experiences, our online lessons encourage students to use the German language actively and with confidence.

Visit Berlin from your classroom

SPECIAL EVENTS: Immerse yourself in the German language with special online events and virtual trips to the German-speaking world, all organised via Zoom. Each term we meet guest speakers from different academic fields and career backgrounds who bring the A Level curriculum to life through lectures, tours and workshops, all conducted in German.

Gain a qualification

AIM HIGH: Independent candidates, home-schooled learners and those already studying at school or college are welcome on our A Level programmes. Fast-track and flexible course options are available, so you can work at your own pace and gain a qualification to showcase your skills.

Goodbye Lenin

FILM STUDIES: The A Level German syllabus offers students the opportunity to study a film for Paper 2. The online learning environment is brilliantly suited to film studies, making this a real highlight of the course.

One-to-one tutor support

FULL TUTOR SUPPORT: With progress tracking tools and full support from your tutor, it's easy to make your learning experience a success. Your tutor is on hand to challenge you and help you stay on track. ​ Support is available via the student portal, so you always have help and guidance on hand when needed.

Build communication skills

BUILD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Strong speaking skills are essential for A Level success. Students are assessed on their language skills and on their ability to evaluate sources and justify points of view. ​ Our online A Level course includes regular classes with a native tutor in preparation for the A Level Speaking test, so you can approach exams with confidence.

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