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We offer complete Portuguese courses for A Level, so you can study for the qualification with us online.

Our courses offer all of the support and resources that a school classroom provides, plus regular tutor contact and immersive learning experiences to give you the confidence to speak and write Portuguese fluently.

You can take the Portuguese A Level exams at your school or college, or enter for exams with us at one of our partner centres around the UK.

Native Speakers

Students with a native or near-native level of Portuguese can opt to accelerate their course with a fast track option (1 year).

Full tutor support is available to develop key skills, with lessons in translation, essay writing and literature to help you achieve the best results.

A Level Students

Those who are studying A Levels at school or college can take Portuguese as a timetabled subject, or follow the course independently.


The course is completely flexible, with live lessons and full tutor support.  Exams can be taken at your school or college or at one of our partner centres.

Adult Learners

Join a group of like-minded learners and challenge yourself to take your Portuguese language skills to the next level, with support from your tutor.


The A Level course is structured around theme-based weekly modules, with the option to attend live lessons or to study at your own pace.

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How can we help you to achieve your goals with A Level Portuguese?

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Your A Level Course

A Levels are an internationally-recognised qualification offering students the chance to showcase their language skills.

Students taking an online A Level in Portuguese have a unique opportunity to explore the Portuguese-speaking world through literary, historical and cultural topics.


The A Level syllabus also encourages students to develop their own interests through the Research Project (Tema de pesquisa), where they can choose from a list of specialist topics and conduct their own research throughout the year.

Why take Portuguese A Level online?

An online A Level in Portuguese offers you access to a fast-track learning programme, including live lectures, exam practice and tutor support to ensure you reach your potential.

Through our online academy you can access the very best learning experience within a community of highly-motivated peers and learn at your own pace with no limitations.

Discover new writers

LITERATURE: Discover the literature of the Portuguese-speaking world through short stories, plays, novels and poetry.

Kate Maria

LIVE LESSONS: Get access to real-time lectures and seminars, with topic-based discussions, guest speakers and tips for exam success. ​ Our A Level lessons are available to join live and to watch on demand. The focus is on immersive learning experiences that challenge the student.

Virtual visits to Portugal and Brazil

SPECIAL EVENTS: Immerse yourself in the Portuguese language with special online events and virtual trips to the Portuguese-speaking world, all organised via Zoom. Students have recently visited a reforestation project in Brazil as part of their A Level studies, met a Fado singer in Lisbon and taken a tour of a top restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. All of these experiences are designed to build confidence in speaking while promoting a deep understanding of historical and cultural topics.

One-to-one tutor support

FULL TUTOR SUPPORT: Your Portuguese A Level programme comes with progress tracking tools, and your tutor is also on hand to challenge you and keep you on track. ​ Support is available from your tutor via the student portal, so you always have help and guidance when needed.

Gain a qualification

AIM HIGH: Independent candidates, home-schooled learners and those already studying at school or college are welcome on our A Level programmes. Fast-track and flexible course options are available, so you can work at your own pace and gain a qualification to showcase your skills.

Build communication skills

BUILD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Your A Level Portuguese course includes weekly conversation classes with a native-speaking tutor. Develop your knowledge of the cultural, historical and literary topics on the A Level syllabus in live lessons. You can opt to specialise in Brazilian or European Portuguese.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which syllabus/examination boards do you teach?


You can opt to take your Portuguese A Level with any available examination board.  Our A Level course is based on the Pearson Edexcel syllabus.


Pearson Edexcel offer a challenging and rewarding A Level syllabus in Portuguese.  The syllabus encourages students to explore cultural, linguistic and literary aspects of the Portuguese-speaking world and to follow their own interests, developing strong study skills through the Research Project.


The Portuguese A Level course covers all four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.


  • Where can I take my Portuguese A Level exams?


There are more than 20 centres around the UK where you can sit your exams.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and find the best centre for you.

  • What are the course start dates?


Enrolment is possible at any time, although there are recommended starting points throughout the academic year.  We strongly recommend beginning your course in September, but it is possible to switch to Portuguese mid-year or to join an existing group at the start of Spring or Summer term.


Once you enrol, your course materials will be sent out to you and you can begin studying at home.  Examination entries are made by February for the summer exam series in the same year.

  • When do Portuguese A Level exams take place?


Exam dates vary each year, but generally the three written papers are taken in early to mid-June.  You will need to enter in February to take your exams in the same year.  Occasionally, late entries are possible; please contact us to enquire about availability.

Examination fees are set by the relevant awarding body and our students receive a discount at our partner centres.  You can also opt to take your exams at your own school or college.

  • What are the benefits of choosing an A Level in Portuguese?

Despite having 250 million speakers worldwide, Portuguese is an unusual choice at A Level and is considered one of the less-taught languages, with very few schools and colleges offering this option.

An A Level or a degree in Portuguese opens up a world of academic and career opportunities.  Opting for a less commonly-taught language can be a great decision for students with a special interest in the Portuguese-speaking world, or for aspiring linguists looking to diversify the language combinations they offer.  Whilst many degree courses in Portuguese accept students ab initio, taking the A Level before applying to university is a way for candidates to set themselves apart from their peers.

  • What is the A Level in Modern Languages?

The A Level is the most prestigious academic qualification for school leavers in the UK.  Students usually take this qualification at the end of year 12 (age 18).  A Levels in Modern Languages enable students to follow their own academic interests and showcase a range of transferable study skills.


A Levels, or their equivalent, are a requirement for entry to British universities.

  • How long does it take to complete the Portuguese A Level?

Taking your Portuguese A Level course online is a flexible option for gaining the qualification and allows you to progress at your own pace.

Students can complete the whole A Level in as little as 6 months, or study the syllabus over one to two academic years.

  • What are the entry requirements to enrol?

As well as students in the UK, we work with international students and independent learners, so it's not a problem if you don't already have British qualifications.

We welcome students who have already learned Portuguese to GCSE level or higher (A2 - B1 - B2+, CEFR).  If necessary, we can arrange an initial assessment to establish your current level.

  • How can I register my interest?

A limited number of places is available to join the Portuguese A Level course each year.  Please contact us to request further details and register your interest.

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