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Online A Levels in Modern Languages
Fast-track courses for home study


Kate Maria


Founder, Kate Maria Languages

& Globe Language Academy

A Levels (Advanced Levels) are an internationally-recognised qualification offering students the chance to showcase their language skills.

Students taking an online A Level course in a modern language have the opportunity to explore cultural, social, literary and linguistic topics in their chosen language, whilst the qualification itself opens up a world of possibilities.

We teach complete A Level courses in Spanish, German and Portuguese and also offer A Level support in French, Italian and English.

Why choose A Levels?

A Levels (or their equivalent) are required for entrance to UK universities.  They are highly respected by universities and employers alike.  Achieving an A Level in a foreign language advances not only academic prospects, but also career opportunities in the international job market, where language skills are a valuable asset.

With fewer and fewer students opting to take language A Levels at school or college, gaining this qualification demonstrates a range of transferable skills and sets a student apart from their peers.

We offer language learners the opportunity to gain an A Level through fast-track online courses, with access to full tutor support, live lectures and one-to-one tuition to ensure students reach their potential.

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