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Modern Languages for A Level

Kate Maria Languages works with schools and colleges around the UK to provide complete A Level courses in Modern Foreign Languages.

The courses are structured around a Flexible Timetable system, so that our Partner Schools can offer languages as a fully timetabled subject with live lessons or as an additional option for students to pursue with on-demand content and full tutor support.

As there is no minimum number of students per centre, it is also possible to offer Modern Languages courses to individual native-speaking and bilingual students of the languages that we offer, giving them a framework for gaining an extra A Level.

Our advanced reporting structure ensures that your school has access to tutor feedback for each individual student, as well as all of the key information regarding engagement, progress and attainment.

Partner Schools of Kate Maria Languages have access to our five complete A Level courses: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Become a Partner School

We are open to applications from new centres for the 2024-25 academic year.

You can book an introductory call here to take a tour of KML's online courses and discuss how they might work for your school.

Languages of interest

Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch shortly.

Book an introductory call

For Native Speakers

Students who already speak another language to a native or near-native level can take a specialised 2-year or a Fast Track A Level course with full tutor support.

Flexible Timetable

Students benefit from a flexible schedule and the opportunity to join timetabled live lessons or access on-demand content.

Tutor Support

Regular tutor contact, built-in feedback channels and a clear progress reporting structure help students to stay on track and achieve their goals at A Level.

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