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Your online learning provider for Modern Languages

The A Level in Spanish is an internationally recognised qualification providing students with a unique opportunity to explore the Spanish-speaking world through literary, historical and cultural topics.

Our online Spanish academy provides immersive distance learning courses that enable students to take the language at A Level even if this is a subject that their school or college does not offer.


Many students take their Spanish A Level as a timetabled subject alongside their other lessons, while others follow the course independently as a home learning option.

Native Speakers

If you already speak Spanish to a native or near-native level, you can join a part-time distance learning programme to achieve your A Level qualification with full support from your tutor.


A fast track option is also available to complete the A Level at your own pace.

A Level Students

Study Spanish alongside your A Level subjects with a flexible schedule and the opportunity to join live lessons.


You can take your Spanish A Level exams at school or college, or via one of our partner centres in the UK and worldwide.

Adult Learners

Challenge yourself to push your language skills to the next level with a structured, immersive home study course.


Join live lessons or study for your Spanish A Level on demand, with regular tutor check-ins and support.

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Tutor for Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian and English

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Request enrolment details here, or tell us more about your goals with Spanish.

Your A Level Spanish Course

An immersive, complete online learning experience

Our academy focuses solely on Modern Languages at A Level.


This means that courses are built from scratch with languages in mind, to meet the requirements of language study at A Level and bring students everything they need for success.

Being linguists ourselves, we want students to absolutely love the A Level course and develop a deep understanding of the Spanish language, but also to take every possible chance to engage with Spanish-speaking culture outside of formal lessons too.


Our programme of termly events, virtual field trips and extracurricular workshops in Spanish is designed to help students to prepare the themes in depth and immerse themselves in the language at every opportunity.

Virtual field trips bring your Spanish A Level studies to life

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS: Our online Spanish A Level department brings the language to life in new and exciting ways! Each term you'll receive your "travel itinerary" with invitations to special online events. Each of the A Level modules includes a virtual field trip somewhere in the Spanish-speaking world: live walking tours, guest lectures, exclusive performances and workshops get students involved in the language on a deeper level from day one.

Live lectures and seminars

LIVE LESSONS: The curriculum is built on live lessons and seminars, with topic-based discussions, guest speakers and tips for exam success. ​ Our A Level lesson programme is fully interactive and live: although lessons are recorded for students to view on demand, they are always available to join live. Instead of relying on pre-recorded content and YouTube videos, our Spanish A Level course prioritises real-time teaching, regular tutor contact and immersive learning experiences.

El coronel no tiene quien le escriba

LITERATURE: Discover the literature of the Spanish-speaking world. An optional text for A Level study is Nobel Prize-winning Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez's own favourite work, 'El coronel no tiene quien le escriba'. Students participate in lectures, seminars and translation classes based on the set literary texts. You'll learn to write high-quality essays in Spanish and discover the work of some of the greatest writers. Most students say that this their favourite paper.

One-to-one tutor support

FULL TUTOR SUPPORT: Your online A Level Spanish programme includes full tutor support and supervision. Progress tracking tools are built into the course platform, providing complete visibility of assignments completed and test scores. ​ For those studying Spanish with us alongside A Levels at school or college, progress reports can be sent directly to your centre.

Immersive events and activities

IMMERSIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCES: Immerse yourself in the Spanish language at every opportunity through cultural events and lectures around the world. We design complimentary special events to support your learning, such as this live Flamenco concert and lecture from Madrid. Using the language actively and in a range of contexts is key to building confidence in Spanish at A Level.

Build communication skills in Spanish

CONVERSATION CLASSES: Strong speaking skills are essential for A Level success. ​ Your programme includes a weekly live lesson focused on speaking, based on one of the themes from the A Level syllabus. You can also opt to add extra private sessions with a native-speaking tutor in preparation for the A Level Speaking test. Our A Level programme involves regular speaking work throughout the year, helping students to approach exams with confidence.

Gain a qualification

AIM HIGH: Independent candidates, home-schooled learners and those already studying at school or college are welcome on our A Level programmes. Fast-track and flexible course options are available, so you can work at your own pace and gain a qualification to showcase your skills. We offer support and guidance for students applying to Oxford and Cambridge. In 2021, 100% of our A-Level students achieved the highest grade (A*).

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so taking a Spanish A Level course presents exciting opportunities to interact with people from other cultures and nationalities.


Of course, getting the most from a Spanish A Level requires a supportive environment, immersive education, and, ideally, a personalised and tailored approach. 


That’s where our course comes in. We offer the complete Spanish A Level course online, so you can supplement your existing knowledge or get an internationally-recognised qualification for further study. 

A supportive learning environment


Better yet, our Spanish A Level course uses mixed, immersive media and teaching methods to really help you engage with the content. We offer:


  • Live, interactive lessons 

  • Immersive experiences: virtual visits to parts of the Spanish-speaking world and real language sources

  • A supportive learning environment where you can build confidence speaking Spanish

Focus on communication


Many Spanish A Level courses focus on textbook-based learning and present few opportunities for real interaction in the target language.  We feel that courses built this way lack the engagement many students need to make their learning really sink in. We understand this from our own experiences, which is why we have built our course around real-world Spanish; students are encouraged to speak and communicate with confidence.


Whether you’re looking to supplement your learning at college or take a complete Spanish A Level, our online A Level lessons are fun, engaging, and use real-world examples to understand how Spanish works.

Learning With Us

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which syllabus/examination boards do you teach?


You can opt to take your Spanish A Level with any of the major examination boards.  Our Spanish course is based on the AQA A Level syllabus.


AQA offer a challenging and rewarding A Level syllabus in Spanish.  The syllabus encourages students to explore cultural, linguistic and literary aspects of the Spanish-speaking world and to follow their own interests, developing strong study skills through the Independent Research Project.


Past research projects for AQA A Level Spanish have included women's rights in Venezuela, 20th Century short fiction in Argentina and the evolution of musical styles in Flamenco.  You can use the research project to complement one of your other A Level subjects


The Spanish A Level papers cover all four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The Fast Track A-Level in Spanish is particularly suitable for those who already have a native level of proficiency in Spanish, or for whom English is not a first language.


  • Where can I take my Spanish A Level exams?


There are 11 partner centres around the UK, including Northern Ireland, where you can sit your exams if you do not already have this option at your school or college.

  • What are the course start dates?


You can start your A Level course at any time in the year, but we recommend beginning at the start of Autumn Term, Spring Term or Summer Term to keep your study plan organised.  Enrolment is possible at any time.  Once you enrol, your course materials will be sent out to you and you can begin studying at home.  Examination entries are made by the first week of February for the summer exam series in the same year.

  • When do Spanish A Level exams take place?


Exam dates vary each year, but generally the Spanish A Level speaking tests are conducted in April/May and the two written papers are taken in early to mid-June.  You will need to enter by February to take your exams in the same year.  Occasionally, late entries are possible; please contact us to enquire about availability.

  • Do you offer Spanish A Level courses for native speakers?


There is a specialised programme for native speakers to complete their Spanish A Level in one academic year.  We recommend beginning the Fast Track plan in the Summer Term prior to starting the A Level course, but enrolment is possible later too.

Here are some of our Spanish A Level tips for native speakers.

  • What are the benefits of choosing an A Level in Spanish?

The A Level is the most prestigious academic qualification for school leavers in the UK.  Students usually take this qualification at the end of year 12 (age 18).


A Levels, or their equivalent, are a requirement for entry to British universities.  They are graded from A* (highest) though to E (lowest).  Generally, only around 19% of students achieve the top grade.

The number of students opting for A Levels in Modern Languages is declining year-on-year.  Taking a modern language enables a student to follow their own academic interests and showcase a range of transferable study skills.  It also sets a student apart from their peers and opens up a world of career possibilities.

  • What are the costs of an intensive Spanish A Level?

Taking a Spanish A Level course online is a cost-effective and fast-track alternative to studying for the qualification at school or college.

Students can complete the whole A Level in one or two academic years, or switch mid-year.

Exam entry fees are set by the exam centre.  You can also opt to take your exams at your own school or college.

  • What are the entry requirements to enrol?

As well as students in the UK, we work with international students and independent learners, so it's not a problem if you don't already have British qualifications.

We welcome students who have already learned Spanish to GCSE level or higher (A2 - B1 - B2+, CEFR).  If necessary, we can arrange an initial assessment to establish your current level.

  • Why take Spanish A Level online?

An online A Level in Spanish offers you access to fast-track online courses, including full tutor support, live lectures and one-to-one tuition to ensure you reach your potential.

Through our online academy, you can access the very best learning experience with all the resources and tuition that would normally be provided in the classroom, and learn at your own pace with no limitations.

  • Can I switch to Spanish A Level mid-year?


Switching courses mid-year can be as daunting as starting from scratch, so our Spanish A Level online course is designed to be as forgiving as possible.


Unlike traditional educational environments, our aim is to encourage learning at the student’s pace and with their desired methods.  Only then can students truly excel and gain a deep understanding of the target language.

You can join the Spanish A Level course to supplement your college studies, or take the whole qualification with us directly. An accelerated programme is available for those looking to switch mid-year, with full tutor support to make the process seamless and easy.

  • How can I register my interest?

A limited number of places is available to join our courses each year.  Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

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