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Linguist & Tutor

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Would you like to speak Spanish confidently and fluently?

Whether you're learning the language for travel, careers, family or to pursue a special interest, we can help you take your language skills to the next level!


I’m Kate, a linguist and tutor from Petersfield, Hampshire, UK.  

My teaching method is based on 15 years of experience working with individual students to find the approach that gets the best results.


Classes are dynamic and responsive, with a focus on expression and promoting a deep understanding of your new language.


Although lessons often feel fun and informal, you will progress very quickly, with a tailored programme designed to suit your learning style!

We offer private and group lessons for learners at all levels, in person (when possible) and via Zoom.

One-to-one tuition is available for European or Latin American Spanish.

Learn quickly and build fluency with tailored lessons from your own personal tutor.


Lessons are suitable for beginners, GCSE and A-level, degree-level and adult learners.

If you prefer to learn with others, you can choose one of our group programmes to help you take the next step with Spanish.

Our courses are designed for small groups of up to 5 participants to ensure a fun and productive learning environment for everyone.

Spanish for A-Level


We specialise in Spanish tuition for A-level.  Lessons include a range of cultural, literary and linguistic topics to support your work towards the A-level syllabus.

Private Tuition

If you are already working towards the A-level, you can arrange additional one-to-one support alongside school or college lessons.

Complete Courses


Those looking for a complete A-level Spanish course can enter for the A-level qualification with us as an independent student, with a 12-month or 18-month programme.

Registration is now open for the next A-level Spanish course, which starts in September 2021, and is designed for adult learners and independent students working to gain the A-level qualification.

Each term you will receive a full course plan, with tutorials, conversation classes and invitations to live lectures to support your learning and broaden your knowledge of arts, culture and history in the Spanish-speaking world.

Arts and Culture: Live events to give you an immersive learning experience

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How can we help you?

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I have been taking Spanish lessons with Kate for 2 months now and have found her style of tuition most beneficial.


At last I am beginning to get the confidence to speak and listen in Spanish and the conversations we have are real and meaningful.


We discuss the vocabulary, the verb tenses, useful phrases and Kate takes the time to clarify points of grammar which I have found confusing in the past.


I feel I have made significant progress in this short time compared to a long spell of attending group adult education classes and achieving little. Each week our lesson content is made available on line along with other useful links for revision. Kate has a calm, patient approach to learning. I am happy to recommend her.

Irene Cooper, Hampshire, UK