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Spanish Podcast Inspiration, part 2: Extraordinary women, Latin American stories and travel talk

6. Una Habitación Propia

Named after Virginia Woolf’s famous extended essay, A Room of One’s Own, these

short episodes discuss extraordinary women who have led extraordinary

lives. The women highlighted include scientists, artists, authors, and activists from

around the world.

In a similar way to Curiosidades de la Historia, this is a scripted podcast with just

one presenter speaking - with the occasional addition of interview extracts - making it

suitable for many learners.

7. Radio Ambulante

A narrative podcast that’s distributed by NPR (the USA’s National Public Radio),

Radio Ambulante tells true Latin American stories. The episodes are longer than

most of the others on this list (between 30 minutes and an hour) and, although it’s

not a conversational podcast, you will usually hear more than one person speaking in

the episode, exposing you to a variety of accents. 

Many episodes include a transcript in Spanish, so you can follow along as you listen

or read later, which is a wonderful way to pick up new vocabulary. English

translations of some of the transcripts are also available.

8. Nómadas

As the name suggests, Nómadas is a travel podcast produced by Radio Nacional de

España. Listen each week to be transported through the airwaves to fascinating cities

including Burgos, Gdansk, and Arequipa. The episodes about Spanish cities are

particularly detailed. 

Tip: read the detailed show notes before listening for some helpful vocabulary

and for a summary of what to expect from the podcast.

9. Mi Patio de Vecinas

According to Spotify, this conversational show is the second most-listened-to podcast

in Spain, and given its warm host, interesting guests, and entertaining conversations,

its success is no surprise.

Each week, journalist “La Forte” sits down to chat with a guest about those little annoyances and dramas that occur in our daily lives.  The conversations on this unscripted podcast are fast and full of fun colloquial words and phrases, so it’s quite a challenging listen, but if you’re feeling inspired, make use of that “Change Playback Speed” button and give it a go!


With so many podcasts out there, you’re bound to find one that suits you and allows

you to bring a little Spanish into your daily life.

Do you have any Spanish podcast recommendations? Let us know in the comments!


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